Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Create My Own Life!

Law of Attraction (LOA) has been a talk of the town since The Secret was featured in Oprah. What's so great about LOA? How about if I say you can have whatever you want in your life by practicing it?

Basically LOA states that you can have whatever you want in your life (e.g car, house, money, girl/boyfriend) by attracting them to you. You can attract them by being in "vibrational alignment" with the thing that you want. Take having a big house for example. You must raise your emotions about owning the house by imagining or visualizing as if you have already owned the house. Try to imagine as many details as possible about the dreamed house; every room it has, the furniture, the roof, the compound, the backyard, the swimming pool etc. By rising your positive emotions you are as if instructing the Universe to deliver the house to you. That delivery can be in many forms such as you winning a contest/ lottery, through inheritance, receiving great ideas which will generate the money to buy the house etc.

If you want to know more about LOA, you can read it here.

This blog is set up for the sole purpose of experimenting with LOA. I will post updates for any significant development throughout this experiment.

I began putting LOA into practice about 2 months ago. I gained much understanding on LOA from WealthBeyondReason program conducted by Mr Bob Doyle who was featured in The Secret. So far I have materialized quite a number of "things".

These are some of the stuff I'm currently attracting with LOA:



Popularity, Respect


Writing books

I will not tell the details of each of them right now but will reveal the details as we go along.

Here are my daily LOA activities. I did not put specific time to practice all these because I try to avoid making it as a chore and loose all the interests. Whenever I feel like doing it I will do it.

Gratitude List

On the way to work
Listening to LOA audios

Collage /visualization board

On the way back home
Listening to LOA audios

Night (before sleep)
Forgiving All

I will make sure that I give my focus as much as possible on the things that I want throughout the day (not on the things that I don't want). I will also make sure that I'm always in jovial mood throughout the day. Whenever negative feelings come my way I will immediately swoosh them away by choosing to feel positive. It's a choice. You can choose to feel good or good. So I always choose to feel good.